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Tapstack, founded in 2014, is a one-tap moment-sharing app that is referred to as Snapchat for adults.

TapChat pic

We all know how Shapchat works, you send a picture or a 10 second video to your friends and when they open it, they have 10 seconds to view it, then it automatically gets deleted.  If someone tries to screenshot your photo, you get a notification.  Similar to Snapchat, the apps are “spontaneous and fun ways for people to stay in touch”.  Different than Snapchat, Tapstack allows you to “tap” a picture and send both a photo and a 10 second video. TechCrunch reports that a significant difference is that the taps can be saved in a shared album between the sender and recipient or between small groups.  This is called a Stack and the posts don’t disappear.

Saved tap

Tapstack is a new form of communication that is “moment-sharing” and it is considered personal media, a cross between messaging and social media.  This is geared towards a way to bridge the gap within families who are not in close proximity to one another.  Onno Faber, Tapstack’s CEO says , “with Tapstak, users know that the Tap they receive was created exclusively for them  – and it actually serves to build intimacy.”  It also allows you to take a picture and send it simultaneously without the chance to edit the photo, it captures the moment, which crates vulnerability.  Because of this, Faber suggests that Tapstack is well suited for people who have very close relationships who don’t see each other regularly, like people and their extended families, people in long distance relationships, non-custodial parents and their children, and people across time zones, to name a few.

Tapstack is yet another new platform of social media.  Will this take off the way that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram did?   It has more instant features that are appealing and makes it easier to use.  There are many platforms, do we really need another one?


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1 Response to Personal Media

  1. sydhavely says:

    Nicely done and described, Pam. I didn’t know about Tapstack but can see the advantages you describe and it offers..

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