Social Media and Long-Distance Relationship

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Long-distance relationship is becoming a more and more common phenomenon in today’s society. Couples have to live apart because of job traveling, studies and many other external reasons. I cannot imagine how long-distance relationships could be managed in the old times without the Internet. Long-distance couples are quite fortunate nowadays thanks to the rapid development of technology. Especially in recent years, social media enables the couples to mange their long-distance relationship more easily, connect with each other more closely and keep tabs on their daily life.

However, every coin has two sides.

On the one hand, social media helps the couples to interact with each other more conveniently even though they are not in the same place. Since there always exists a lot of insecurities and anxieties during the long-distance relationship, social media provides a special platform for the couples to keep tabs on each other’s daily life whether through their own social media accounts or through friends’ accounts. The couples would have more interactions and know more clearly about each other’s daily life even without text messages and phone calls. This can kind of create a sense of security for the long-distance couples. For example, the Facebook and Twitter can allow the couples to @ or comments immediately for each other’s latest updates; some location-based apps even enable the couples to locate where they are in a certain time. All these social media platforms urge the couples to be honest to each other because all the activities could be found out through the social media. From this perspective, social media creates a more secure circumstance for the long-distance relationship.

On the other hand, social media might break down the long-distance relationship more quickly. According to a previous survey (Social Media and Long-distance Relationship), 20% of the long-distance people claimed that the relationship broke down because one person cheated, with some finding out about their partner’s infidelity through incriminating pictures posted on social media accounts. Since the long-distance couples are always more sensitive, they observe each other’s social media accounts really carefully. They tend to pay attention to each detail to check whether the pictures match with what they say. So this makes couples very cautious and careful about what they post and it will bring a large sense of pressure for the couples when using the social media, which could have made them relax in spare time. Moreover, very tiny inconsistency between what the couples post and what the couples say will easily cause arguments, which definitely affect the relationships a lot.

Long-distance relationship is always a difficult thing. Thanks to the technology and social media, the couples can shorten the mental distance even living very far from each other. We should take advantage of the social media to keep the long-distance relationship more permanent.

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One Response to Social Media and Long-Distance Relationship

  1. sydhavely says:

    Nicely put, Claire. Poignant and well-argued. And true.

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