Facebook’s Troll Alert

Is someone stealing your Facebook identity?

Facebook is being proactive by developing a tool that notifies users if someone has tapped into their account.  It’s called the troll hunter.  The tool will analyze the account names and profile pictures to see if a match is made.  If so, the notification will go out if there is another account set up with the same name and pictures.   


The tool also allows users to report inappropriate photos that are identified as the user.  When the notification goes out, flag it to Facebook and a “dedicated team at the US company will start to deal with the imposter”.  Facebook will then ask the user to check if the profile was deliberately duplicated, and, if so, the account will get shut down, as well as provide links to legal options. 

Facebook identify theft is not a major problem for Facebook but it is a source of harassment and it violates the Facebook’s policy of revealing the real name of the user.  However, the Daily Express reports that Antigone Davis, Facebook’s Head of Global Safety said, “it’s a real point of concern for some women in certain regions of the world where (impersonation) may have certain cultural or social ramifications”. 


Ms. Davis also states that the alerts are part of Facebook’s wider efforts to make women feel safe on the network, which came about from user focus groups.  This was rolled out to 75% of users since the testing started in November and the testing has gone well but more testing is required before it is completely rolled out. 

More safety features to be tested are a “new way of reporting non-consensual nude images and another photo feature to check the security of photos”, as reported by MailOnline.  The photo feature is designed for new users who are not aware of the privacy settings capabilities and is being tested in Africa, South America and Southeast Asia, where users are just starting to use Facebook regularly.

Are you concerned about Facebook identity theft?  I was always leery of stalkers but I can’t say that I thought about it from an identity theft standpoint.  Be careful of how much you share on social media.

For more information on the safety features being tested, click on the link to the article, http://mashable.com/2016/03/22/facebook-impersonation-alert/#wk2RvYeLDgqf.

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  1. sydhavely says:

    Extremely relevant and well-described post about FB’s new security tool especially in this era of hacking and identity theft. Nicely done, Pam.

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