How The Internet and Social Media Benefit Elderly People


As we have noticed that internet world is not exclusive to younger generations, elderly people are rapidly catching up using the internet and social media to enrich their lives. The internet pulls out elderly people from isolation, create more interaction with the society and possibly result in a reduction in depression. While some researches indicate the drawbacks of social media such as suffering from depression created by social comparison or being unproductive due to distraction, what exactly do elderly people do on the internet thereby benefit their lives?

Margaret Manning, the founder of, conducted a study interviewing 40,000 women over 60 in the Sixty and Me community showed that the internet has gradually been integrated into elderly people’s lives.

Here are the questions that Manning want to explore:

  • Does using the Internet make us feel more positive and happy?
  • How do women over 60 use the Internet to stay connected and up-to-date on the news?
  • Are Internet friendships as common (or as valued) by women over 60 as they are in younger demographics?

The research indicated that the internet is improving people’s lives primarily in the three following ways. Firstly, the Internet helps the woman over 60 find friend. Many women over 60 connect and reconnect people and found the online relationship are beneficial. Secondly, The Internet helps the woman create a support network. With the relationship online, it is easier to mobilize a support network. People face life challenges such as the death in the family or health problems, can quickly find help when they need. Thirdly, the Internet helps the woman over 60 stays intellectually stimulated. With the aid of the internet, people can easily assess to news, information and new knowledge that help people keep learning.

Many people have the misunderstanding that the internet is only for young people. Yet, the group of elderly people is the fastest growing demographic in the usage of social media and the internet. “Women over 60 are not just joining social media because everyone else is. They are getting real benefits from their time online including finding new friendships, building a support network, learning new things and having fun!”, Manning said.



How Do Women Over 60 Use the Internet? The Answers Might Surprise You…

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  1. sydhavely says:

    Excellent post, Tina. Very much on target for your final presentation.

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