Things That Go Viral



Trump, Apple, and Bernie are viral. As our readings for this week point out, they all resonate with plenty of ethos, pathos, and logos. Trump and Apple have associated reputations that precede them and Bernie is the presidential candidate who is expected, by at least Democrats, to trump both Hillary and Trump.

Apple is excellent at story-telling, started by Steve Jobs, who always gave compelling presentations on the stage in Cupertino on the latest product and how it will change lives. Tim and partners are so good at continuing this that once they give their press conference before dropping their latest product, all other outlets discuss it and have blog wars about it on social media. There are countless followers cursing each other out about Android vs. iOS. Forbes Tech News, NY Times, PC Magazine, Buzzfeed, Gizmodo, etc. are all opinionating about what Apple does well and what they do wrong. My Facebook and Twitter feeds are full of blasts about things to come: the iPad Pro, the smaller phones, the apps expected to revolutionize the medical industry, and the government trying to get them to break their phone security policy. Love Apple or hate the company, everyone knows what it is and what it does. This $700,000,000,000 firm is a household name. They are the only tech company that has people lining up around the corner as soon as doors open. People love this US-based company and are proud that it out-profits the other tech giants.applevsandroid

Cultishly love Trump or fearfully hate him, he incites the same fervor from his followers. There are a lot of people who believe he will “Make America great again” by building walls and setting the tone with international diplomats. They’re proud of the fact that, “He’s no punk.”

Bernie promises a lot that resonates with the masses. He wants to improve infrastructure, trade, create jobs, and equality. His message is felt because one can sense his passion, and his agenda is about justice on many levels.

All three entities represent promise that incite strong emotions. Although people know that iTunes has never worked well, Donald Trump is an angry large man-child who is power hungry, and Bernie is untried but stands for social justice, and that there is a large chance none of these entities are guaranteed to deliver what they promise, they remain unchangeable about their choices.

The point is, people have already made a conscious decision to emote and align. Once that happens, there is very little that can be done to change their minds because it is usually never about truth and fact, it is mostly about emotion. So we’ll all take our feelings to the election polls and to the phone store this fall. Where will your heart lead you?


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2 Responses to Things That Go Viral

  1. sydhavely says:

    Political pundits are saying that Trump has changed the political dialogue in significant if not irrevocable ways, linking the cultural with the political, using Twitter as his sword and winning a base off supporters who believe they are being emasculated by global trade, the 1%, and the second machine age. The party chiefs, in Trump’s case, see an electoral coup and are desperately seeking a solution. And your post about emotion and social media is spot on. Great post, Cindy.

  2. Bruce Warren says:

    Terrific post about how emotion is at the heart of social and the examples you use for ethos, pathos and logos is really good.

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