Don’t Put Employers on Blast

The Internet has no doubt given people the ability to air their gripes on just about anything they want. Some choose to do this anonymously, while others choose to attach their name to said gripes. Gripers can range from unsatisfied customers to just people airing their issues about a musical artist they’re currently not feeling. But over the last couple of weeks, I’ve read some gripes that will eventually come back to haunt some people.

Nowadays, millennials are the largest group of people entering the workforce—whether they’re lucky enough to secure their dream job or one of those in the majority who are in the “paying their dues” phase of life and are at the bottom of the job totem pole. But whether one is answering phones as a customer-service rep or repping a big-name brand on the tech side, there’s one common denominator in every job: the human resources department.

Recently, there have been a rash of posts written on Medium by millennials complaining about their jobs. The most infamous one came from a Yelp employee who eventually got fired after writing an open letter to the CEO.

Earlier this month, a piece written by a former SquareSpace employee went viral. The long-winded post made several accusations of discrimination, which indeed seemed valid, but they were overshadowed by the apparent lack of professionalism the employee displayed. Keep your work relationships out of the bedroom. Don’t hit your co-workers. Come on, use some common sense.

Some of my friends have cited both of these stories as examples of the entitlement that millennials feel nowadays, and that may have some truth to it. But I see it more an example of how people don’t seem to understand protocol and the purpose of an H.R. department.

When you have issues with your supervisor or complaints about the work you’re doing, the first thing you don’t do is to hop on social media or a blogging site to put your employer on blast. And you definitely don’t do it using your real name. First you should make a simple visit to your H.R. department.


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One Response to Don’t Put Employers on Blast

  1. sydhavely says:

    You’re quite right, Hyder. Social media is a loud microphone and what you yell tends to come back and bite you if it’s ill-timed, imprudent, or just bad taste. Wise words.

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