3 Ways to Test and Measure the Effectiveness of your Social Marketing Effort


If you’re using social media for business, you need to test and measure it. But as we’ve said before just because it’s hard to place a solid ROI figure on social media, doesn’t mean you can’t measure the effectiveness of social media.

Don’t test and measure just for the sake of having cool looking metrics and graphs. Instead, measure your social actions to learn what works, what doesn’t and how to improve.

– See more at: http://www.socialmediatoday.com/social-networks/3-ways-test-and-measure-effectiveness-your-social-marketing-efforts#sthash.ORsGuXmw.dpuf

To find out what is most effective on social media run test. Pay close attention to the type of post that are most engaging to your audience.

Check out 3 tips to measure effectiveness of your Social Media:

  • Split Test the Same Post 
    • For sales post, test the same post in different ways. Also try posting the same post on different days of the week to measure what works best.
  • Traceable links
    • Utilizing Google Analytics you can determine what links are doing well on your website.
  • Test your Landing Pages and Call-To-Action
    • Find out what most engaging to the audience.
    • Test landing pages to see what happens once on your page.

These are some helpful, useful and cost-effective tips to measure your social media campaign.


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One Response to 3 Ways to Test and Measure the Effectiveness of your Social Marketing Effort

  1. sydhavely says:

    Nicely put and extremely good advice, Aronda. Like the carpenter says, “cut once, measure twice.”

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