The importance of the project manager

In advertising, marketing, and yes, know with social media, it’s important to have one project manager. Not several, not a few, ONE. In today’s 24/7 world, we can’t think it realistic to think that ONE person will always be the one posting, updating, and responding to all social media posts, however, there still needs to be the one director overseeeing all.  


In the presentation that  Cindy and I gave on Tuesday, I mentioned the importance of RACI charting. If you don’t have someone who can give the ultimate AUTHORITY on signing off on message, tone, goal, etc. you will end up with the below mess. The below video is about 5 minutes long but please bear with it. It’s several years old, but it remains one of my all time favorites and one I use often in presentations to show what can happen if there is not a clear direction or ONE project manager who can take care of seeing a project through from creation to delivery. Whether that is in an advertising or marketing campaign or in a social media campaign. Some things will stand the test of time and continue to ring true, even as technology changes around us. Enjoy!

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One Response to The importance of the project manager

  1. sydhavely says:

    Yikes! I’ve been in this movie! Great post and so, so true, Kate. Reminds me of T-Mobile’s Super Bowl 50 commercial, “Hotline Bling” with Drake: It’s scary just how normal some clients think such a conversation and “re-do’s” are.

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