Until Digitally Disconnected Do Us Part?



Most Facebook users are excited and happy to share loving pictures of their lives with their significant others.  Your friends are “liking” your posts and are genuinely very happy for you, but what happens when the relationship ends?  Do you change your relationship status from married or “in a relationship” to divorced or single?  What happens to the pictures that your friends have of you two on Facebook?

There is a new tool on Facebook called the breakup flow that allows you to take a break from your ex without unfriending the person.  You are not ready for all of the “what happened” questions or the pity parties and you may not be ready to end all communication.  It allows you to manage which of your ex’s posts you see and vice versa.  You don’t hate your ex and would possibly like to see what he’s up to from time to time, maybe if something monumental happens for him, you would like to say “congratulations”.   When you change your relationship status, it gives you the option to limit what you and your ex see about each other.  Here are what the screens look like.

Break Up Flow

Facebook does have a heart and Penelope Green of The New York Times reports that Facebook actually now has a Compassion Team that is “devoted to making Facebook’s interactions more human, and more humane”.  It is comprised of researchers, psychologists and engineers and not only is the Compassion Team designing tools to help with breakups, it is also designing tools to assist people with adolescent social issues such as bullying and eating disorders, as well as managing a Facebook page after someone dies and possible suicide prevention.

I really respect that Facebook is concerned about the people behind their profiles and that they are taking a non-robotic approach to its technical nature, especially when it comes to life or death situations.  I think that anything done to help save someone’s life is commendable and I hope that Facebook can partner with suicide prevention organizations in this effort.

When it comes to ending relationships, are you really able to move on when you are digitally connected to someone, especially when the degrees of separation are minuscule or are you intentionally leaving the door open in hopes of your ex coming back?  I think it’s the latter, do you?

Check out the article, http://www.nytimes.com/2016/03/13/fashion/facebook-breakup-compassion-team.html?_r=0.



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2 Responses to Until Digitally Disconnected Do Us Part?

  1. Bruce Warren says:

    I thought the New York Times article was really interesting. That FB continues to grapple with complex emotions and to find digital solutions for interpersonal relationships the connections we have with each other is applauded, yet ultimately it’s going to come down to the connections we make in real life and we how handle those connections in an empathetic manner.

  2. sydhavely says:

    Kudos to FB for understanding the absolute pain of suicide and loss of life as reflected digitally. One still wonders how Mr. Zuckerberg is creating or recreating FB to reflect “our authentic self,” but I guess he’s trying. (Don’t hold your breath). Until then, it seems, one should think about what the Greek philosophers and those we think wise about life recommend, i.e., what is the good life, how can we be better people (to ourselves, our loved ones, our fellow man, our planet) and worry less about “seeing less of Taylor” as admirable as that might be. Great post and worthy of discussion, Pam.

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