Six Seconds of Fame


One of the themes I have used when deciding what to post about every week has been finding stories that have in one way or another gained an unlikely amount of exposure from something that started on social media.  It seems as if on a daily basis I am shocked by something that sweeps the internet and finds its way in front of millions of people’s phones, tablets and desktops.  The story I stumbled upon this past week is one that is especially entertaining to me.  Vine is an iOS and Android app that allows people to channel their inner-Spielberg and create short videos that you can scroll through, similar to Instagram, on your timeline.  One of the many apps that crept into the social media space over the last few years, Vine was acquired by Twitter in 2012 for a reported $30 million.  Though I have never been much of a Vine user myself, I would routinely come across videos that originated on the app that made a splash in pop culture.  The short videos make for a perfect way to get a few laughs in throughout the day, so if you are feeling a little down and have a couple minutes to kill I recommend a quick YouTube search of the best vines compilation (viewer discretion advised).

One of the most popular Vines to date is one that confused me when I first saw it.  I think part of my confusion comes from the fact that the video is incredibly simple and did not immediately strike me as funny, but like millions of others I couldn’t help but start to chuckle at the endless loop of a young man saying “LeBron James” in the six-second Vine below.

The original posting of that Vine in June of 2014 has been looped almost 53 million times alone, not counting the various “re-Vines”, retweets, YouTube videos and more.  As I mentioned before, there is nothing incredibly spectacular about the video, but the amount of momentum it has gained since it went up has been incredible.  I cannot recall the first time I saw it, but it always stuck with me due to how simple it was and how many people loved it.  It became the basis for many spin-off vines, and one particularly funny instance can be seen below where a classroom full of students decided to make one teacher’s morning that much more difficult.

I’m sure many of you are as confused as I was when I first saw this, but somehow this kid was able to take his new found internet fame to what I am sure is going to be a memory he doesn’t soon forget.  Other than a follow-up Vine of his infamous line during last year’s NBA Playoffs after none only than LeBron James hit a game winning shot to beat the Chicago Bulls, there had not been much out there about the kid.  Then all of a sudden, I saw social media posts begin to pop up.  The kid that reached internet stardom by saying the name of the world’s best current basketball star on a social media app was able to repeat his performance, this time in front of the crowd at a Cleveland Cavaliers game.

What will the next random kid with a cell phone become famous for?

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2 Responses to Six Seconds of Fame

  1. Bruce Warren says:

    The kid is certainly cute, but I don’t get it. I also feel that the person who took the Vines was in it more than him/herself than the kid. I’m skeptical about the intent here.

  2. sydhavely says:

    “Writing on the wall” takes many forms including kids who utter celebrity names like zen koans. Let him and Vine go in peace and hopefully find meaning in their lives.

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