More Old People Are On Social Media

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It is interesting to notice that there is a increasing number of old people in the U.S. are using the social media. According to report by Pew Research Center in the late 2015, more that 35% of all people aged 65 and older are using social media. Although young people still accounts for the major part of the social media platform, more and more old people are experiencing their online lifestyles.

Half of online adults ages 50-64 count themselves among the Facebook and LinkedIn masses compared with the number online adults ages 50-64 was 25% in April 2009. Between April 2009 and May 2010, old people aged from 50-64 who said they use a social networking site like MySpace, Facebook or LinkedIn grew 88% and those ages 65 and older grew 100% in their adoption of the sites, compared with a growth rate of 13% for those ages 18-29.Moreover, 11% old people now like use Twitter to update their status online.

Generally, old people use the social media to reconnect the friends from their past especially when they are retired from their jobs. Besides, they use the social media to search support for the chronic disease. As a result, a social media platform dealt with chronic disease could be attractive to old people. Finally, old people like to use the social media to narrow the generation gap with their children and grandchildren.


Older Adults and Social Media

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One Response to More Old People Are On Social Media

  1. sydhavely says:

    Excellent post, Xiwen, and nice segue into what you intend to be your final presentation topic. Word of caution: “old people” is a derogatory term and so I would refrain from using it in formal or public speaking engagements or written communications meant to be seen by the public. “Senior” or senior citizens or senior adults are the more acceptable terms for people over 65. If they have stopped working, they then are also called “retirees.” But never “old people.”

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