‘Dangerous’ Social Media Narcissists


More and more people, especially millennial become narcissistic on social media nowadays. They updates their social media accounts frequently to attract friends or other users’ attention. They like to post their carefully PS selfies or life photos on the social media accounts to gain admiration and to paint a picture of their great life online. They seem to be desperate for more admiration and ‘likes’. They are used to browse their social media accounts all the time even if they actually have nothing to do about the accounts. They just want to know what people are saying, posting or commenting on. They want to know more about the world and connect more closely to the world through the social media solely. What’s more, they want to be in the center of attention all the time so they even would propose some extremely controversial opinions only to have eyes on them no matter the opinions are just or not. When I stop here, do you surprisingly find that you have already had some of these symptoms or even all of them? If so, it might be a ‘dangerous’ signal for your real life.

‘Dangerous’ here does not mean it will affect your physical or mental health, but it will affect your real life to some extent if you cannot manage the narcissism.

There are many researches conducted to help illustrate the negative effects that social media narcissism might have on people. For example, over-narcissism may affect people to make friends in real-life. Narcissists tend to create a very perfect self and life through the social media so that they will have a lot of friends. However, some experts have observed that social network friends are very different than real-life friends. Some narcissists actually are very self-contemptuous in the real life so that they are afraid to show themselves and make friends. They don’t want to be in the center of attention in the real life because they think they have too many weaknesses and they are very unconfident. So they constrain themselves in the virtual world and they are so addicted to the good feeling in the social media world. Besides, some of the narcissists are not self-contemptuous at all, but they want people to see the perfect self on the social media only instead of the real self in reality. All these would make them more difficult to talk and make friends in the real world. To give another example, if narcissists open a business and receive negative feedbacks for their products or services, they are more likely to argue back against the customers and even cause severe controversies since the narcissists love to be the center of attention whether it is wrong or not. However, this can easily lead to the destruction of the online brand and even a complete loss of the business reputation and credibility.

There are tons of examples to prove that over-narcissism on social media could have a negative effect on our daily life. What we should do is to manage our time and don’t be over-narcissistic on social media. Suitable narcissism is a good way for us to enjoy the social media.

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2 Responses to ‘Dangerous’ Social Media Narcissists

  1. sydhavely says:

    I’m not really sure where your blog post was going with narcissism. Is the condition worsened by the use of social media, symptomatic of it, able to mitigate it? What is over-narcissism vs. just narcissism and what do you mean by “Suitable narcissism is a good way for us to enjoy the social media”? It’s a confusing post to me. Sorry.

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