Telstra And The Twitter Customer Service #Fail

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

This week Telstra Customer Support did not make many new fans. Through the actions of 1 customer support rep, they became known all across the globe. Apparently ‘there is no such thing as bad publicity’ is NOT true when you have the wrath of the mommy sphere come down upon you.

A mother in Australia tweeted at Telstra regarding her broadband outage and repair timeline, however, what she got back was not exactly ‘customer friendly’

Photo courtesy of @Tesltra Twitter page

Photo courtesy of @Tesltra Twitter page

Instead of an encouraging reply regarding her broadband repair, she received a snarky tweet about taking her kids outdoors.  @MishStephenson responded and was quickly met with an apology and explanation that the tweet was ‘just a joke’ but it didn’t seem to matter. The conversation quickly received comments from other Telstra customers.

The mommy sphere is not quick to forgive and they are a large army, one that does not take kindly to assumptions and judgements about parenting. A lesson that @Telstra learned, and will probably continue to learn for some time to come.

The takeaway for any company that decides to take to Twitter as a customer service option is to make sure your staff are properly trained and don’t make a failed humor misstep. Most people are not looking for humor or jokes when reporting an issue to a business via Twitter so it’s almost %100 of the time going to be a miss!


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One Response to Telstra And The Twitter Customer Service #Fail

  1. sydhavely says:

    So true, Liz. Note to companies who believe their customers are important: Treat them like royalty or, like monarchs in eras past, they will take off your head, or more realistically, like the mobs of the French Revolution, will take off the company’s if they think you’re being patronizing. Well done!

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