What is Catfish? Have you ever been Catfish-ed?

Catfish is something that is becoming more and more understood as social media expands. Catfish in the internet world means that someone is acting like someone they are not via the internet to gain attention from someone else. Right now there is a TV show on the MTV network that focuses heavily on this idea.

This all started with a movie documentary in 2010 about Nev Schulman. Nev met someone online and when he finally had the opportunity to meet her in person, she was not who she said she was. After this documentary, Nev and his friend Max created the TV show Catfish. On this show, Nev and Max help people find out whether or not they are being catfished by the person they are connected to online.

Most of the shows are extremely emotional because a lot of people have vested a huge part of their life to someone they haven’t even met. The internet can connect people so quickly but it can also disguise people very easily too!

Check out this clip from one of their shows:

As you can tell from this short clip, there are a lot of emotional endings – some are happy and some are completely devastating. The scary part is that some people really believed that the person behind the screen was the love of their life and then they later found out it was someone portraying themselves as someone they are not.

I think this is going to become more common as social media begins to expand and I fear that the younger generation is going to become vested in people behind the screen. Have you ever had this happened to you? Do you know anyone who has?

I know it has happened to me when I was coordinating an event and I really did believe that I connected to the correct person later to find out it was someone trying to completely sabotage the event. You have to be very careful with doing things online. Social media and the internet are very powerful tools, but while it can be positive, it can also break your heart.

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1 Response to What is Catfish? Have you ever been Catfish-ed?

  1. sydhavely says:

    While I’ve never been Catfish-ed in person, I’ve been Catfish-ed over the phone and it was incredibly disturbing. I can only imagine if I had invested emotional feeling in someone only to discover he or she was a fraud. When you think back to the Erving Goffman book, “The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life,” it doesn’t seem so weird or for that matter, all the TV shows, novels, or other charades that tickle people’s fancies. Yet there is often someone very hurt or even delighted by the so-called faux representation. Thanks for posting this, Brittany.

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