How to Make your Brand Stand out in the Feed

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“Attention is a currency.” More than ever, this is extremely relevant for social media marketing.
When a person checks their Facebook account, several things demand his or her attention — notifications, messages, events, posts, ads and so on. If you are a brand trying to reach and resonate with this person, how can you earn their attention?

First, you need to understand how people use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. What do they expect to see once they arrive and start scrolling?

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Facebook: The attention currency for Facebook is visual space and video. Videos are shared more often on FB whether it’s a personal page or business page. 

Twitter: Unlike FB, Twitter is best utilized to share information in real time. Engaging followers in real time is the dominant asset of Twitter. 

Instagram: Images of inspiration and pictures that invoke emotions are best used on this platform. 

This article gives clear guidelines on 3 commonly used social media platforms. Although explained in simplicity, give careful thought before launching your campaign for maximum outcomes.


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One Response to How to Make your Brand Stand out in the Feed

  1. syd havely says:

    Aronda–Concise post and insightful at the same time. Nice job.

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