The End of Linkedin?

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It is astonishing to notice that LinkedIn experienced a 44% 1-day decline on the fifth of February. Moreover, the recently P/E (price/earnings) and EPS (earning per share) are both negative, leading to a big concern to the customers. Although it rose to 119.4 today, the major question for LinkedIn is that whether it can strive in the future with so many competitors.

LinkedIn was built in a passive job finding platforms where  the corporate HR teams use the site as an initial screener and job seekers use it as a research tool. According to the report, LinkedIn had a worse-than-expected guidance for the full year which is 20-225 in the revenue growth in 2016 compared with its 35% revenue growth in 2015.

Moreover, its competitors Ladders, Monster, and CareerBuilder are also fighting for the market. Compared with Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn focused more on the workspace and it is a resume based website. If the economy improves, LinkedIn could be replaced by other softwares. Although LinkedIn had added some functionality organically with groups, expanded company profiles and questions, it face new entrants like BranchOut and BeKnown based on Facebook.

Moreover, students now studying computer science no longer list LinkedIn on their most desiring company checklist. They are more willing to enter the Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Apple.

New comers are taking  various steps into the market and we will see which direction that LinkedIn choose.


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  1. sydhavely says:

    Just a great post and one that served as news to me as well, xiwen. Well done.

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