Does anyone know what is going on at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia?


Does anyone know what is going on at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia?

Long gone are the days when people watch hours of speeches about economic policy.  The ways to deliver information has changed drastically and the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia (FRBP)’s new president, Dr. Patrick Harker, will catapult the FRBP’s communication strategy into the 21st century.  It was pretty evident that huge changes were occurring because one of the first things done upon him taking over the helm was replacing the Public Affairs leadership.  Deborah Hayes was hired as the new Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs.  Previously, Hayes was the Communications VP at the University of Delaware, where Dr. Harker and she led.  Hayes has a strong background in communications and is prepared to steer the Philly Fed towards being very transparent to the communities in which it serves.


Dr. Patrick Harker


Deborah Hayes

Dr. Harker made the announcement at the all employee town hall meeting on February 23rd that the communications have to change.  He said that there are many great things that the FRBP does for and with the community but nobody knows.  He also admitted that he knows the way in which information is shared has changed, “it’s very relevant and quick”.  Do you know about any of the programs and conferences that the FRBP holds?  I don’t know about most of them and I am a full time employee, so, it’s hard to believe the external communities know.  The people who are aware are the members of the organizations that the FRBP partner with but the FRBP should want the reach to stretch further than that.  I recently found out that the FRBP has a Facebook page,, however, Facebook is restricted at the FRBP, so, I’m not sure how employees are expected to share the information.  I have a personal Facebook and I shared the information.  There is a LinkedIn page that focuses on recruiting.  The FRBP is recruiting six Public Affairs professionals and I am sure at least one of them will be a social media specialist.

Stay tuned for an overhaul of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia’s social media.



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2 Responses to Does anyone know what is going on at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia?

  1. armour52 says:

    Get out of town! Pat Harker was the Wharton School’s dean several years ago; awesome guy. He’s a big change agent. Good times.

  2. pmcm0717 says:

    That’s good to hear! He seems very progressive..

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