All Eyes on Trump

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Donald Trump is all things Internet. You do not have to search for him; he’s there.  I have more Donald Trump feeds on a daily basis than my twelve narcissistic Facebook serial posters.  He has taken over my Twitter, he’s in my email, conversations at the workplace, on my television, and in my conversations at home.  He has even made it to my dreams and I woke up one day feeling really bad and nervous.

He’s so polarizing that we as onlookers are sharing, tweeting, and re-tweeting out of disbelief, fear, or pride.  I am not sure if this is a testament to how brilliant his campaign strategists are or we just can’t understand how he got this far in the race. Regardless, we’re doing the work for his campaign by giving him plenty of visibility.  I don’t ever remember so much fear and entertainment about the possibility of one man becoming president.

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There are regular comparisons of Trump to Hitler.  There is rhetoric about America’s rise to authoritarianism  and people threatening to defect to Canada. Folks are really scared.  They fear a reduction in social programs, are petrified about immigration and deportation programs, and health care.  They predict the US will be submerged in another war due to his lack of tact, diplomacy and foreign affairs experience.  People are friending and unfriending each other based on their political preferences.

Hollywood and reality shows can’t compete with the entertainment that Trump is bringing. Whether we are for or against him, he is a movie and we are all watching.

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One Response to All Eyes on Trump

  1. sydhavely says:

    Well done, Cindy. Points well taken. The book I want to read is the analysis of what brought us Trump, what made his candidacy thrive, and what it means for the future of politics and political dialogue as we know it.. My back-of-the-envelope thinking is that the Great Recession, dwindling middle class, especially those on its margins, the excesses of Wall Street, and Mr. Trump’s own brand of bullying in a new world as politics of MMA fighting in the political octagon, and his own training in reality TV and social media, so that no one on the debate stage or near him who doesn’t have a microphone, can best him. But I’d like the pundits, the ones not paid by the uttered sentence and ubiquitous presence on CNN, to weigh in.

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