Facebook did not listen

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Ever since I joined Facebook I was not alone in a desire for a “Dislike” button.  Facebook made an attempt recently but came up a bit short.  Instead of giving us what we all wanted, they gave us five new emoticons to express something a bit different than the standard “Like”.  We now can choose “Love”, “Haha”, “Wow”, “Sad”, and “Angry”.

Why not give us the “Dislike” button?  Zuckerberg pretty much summed it up last year when he responded:

“I think giving people the power to do that in more ways, with more emotions, would be powerful, but we need to figure out the right way to do it so that it ends up being a force for good, and not a force for bad and demeaning the posts people put out there.”

But, did Facebook deliver what Zuckerberg wanted?  Sure they delivered more emotions, but is the “Angry” emoticon actually “Dislike” and ultimately a way for being a force of bad and demeaning the posts people put out there?  Time will tell.

It has been a week so far and I have not seen many people use the new emoticons.  Why is everyone still using the “Like”?  I think there are several reasons.  If you using Facebook on a computer, it is relatively simple to access the additional emoticons, but if you are on mobile, it is a bit clunky.  First, you must download an updated version of the Facebook App which I doubt most people will do.  Second, once you have the new App, you must hold down the “Like” button to access the other emoticons.  From a user experience perspective, it requires extra steps.

Although it is a bit clunky to use and Facebook did not deliver what people really wanted, I do think people will begin to use the other emoticons more frequently.  It will be interesting to get statistics around how often each one is used.  Once again, time will tell.


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2 Responses to Facebook did not listen

  1. sydhavely says:

    Interesting post, Marty. The emoticons seems to be generating a lot of interest. As to posts, please post by Monday. Thank you.

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