Millennials Drawn to Internet Companies and Government Spy Agencies, Study Finds

A Google employee taking a slide break at work or maybe the quick way to the cafeteria where Starbucks coffee is served and where “cool things matter.”

Who knew? The top 40 “future dream jobs,” according to a survey of 18,000 Americans, ages 15 to 29, ranged from Google to the CIA, the NSA and Facebook, with Google, Apple and Microsoft tucked in between St. Jude’s Chrildren’s Research Hospital, Amazon, and Starbucks. The New York Times came in 16th. Last was “Build-A-Bear” Workshop at 50th.

One of “Build-a-Bear” Workshop creations.

Why is this important, if at all?

For one, millennials already make up a third of the workforce. But 2020, they will make up half.

For another, in some ways, the dream jobs are a map of a typical high school or college student’s day–a connected life brought to them by Google, Apple, and Microsoft, merchandise bought through Amazon, caffeine acquired at Starbucks, fond memories of the high school senior trip at DisneyWorld, a glance at the NY Times, cares about the future generation, especially children, worries about the government over-stepping its bounds and maybe wanting to do something about it or even help and having your little teddy bear nearby as sleep beckons.  How cool would it be to work at one of these places?  Really!

Maybe it’s a foretelling of the new American dream.

New York Times technology writer Jenna Wortham’s piece on the National Society of High School Scholars survey can be found at:



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