Video, It’s So Hot Right Now


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Gone are the days when a catchy tagline or cute picture will catch your audience’s attention. The days of video are well upon us! Video content tends to be marketing gold and you can’t run a successful campaign without it! According to Irfan Ahmad, “…consumers at 10x more likely to engage with video than other blog or social content.” So how can you make this work for your business?

In his article this past Saturday on, Ahmad shared

There’s a tectonic shift going on across the video marketing landscape. Until recently, animated and online videos were a novel way to delight and educate consumers. Using online video to set you apart proved that you were on the cutting edge, and got people talking.

Not anymore, video has transitioned from a fancy nice-to-have into a toolkit must-have! However, not all hope is lost if you are not video savvy and ready to make the leap. There are different levels to engage your clients, with varying success rates. Merely adding video content to your website will increase the likelihood of a top Google search result 53x, Ahmad goes on to share that you can garner 2x more click throughs but imbedding video into your e-mails.

Looking for a bigger bang? Consider creating compelling video content to post on social media. Consumers tend to engage and connect more deeply with a video that creates a positive feeling or elicits emotions. Not to mention, consumers that connect emotionally with video content are 10x more likely to share, comment, post, or engage with your video!

Your consumers will remember the facts through a story, they will process your content quick, and video traffic is set to increase from 64% in 2014 all the way up to 80% in 2019! Seems like a winning situation, so what do you have to lose?

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One Response to Video, It’s So Hot Right Now

  1. sydhavely says:

    Guess Confucius was on to something in 500 B.C. when he said “a picture is worth a thousand words.” True then, True now. Great post, Liz.

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