Social Media Post Causes High School to Close


Another school closed its doors today because one of its students made a post on social media.  This time it was a Snapchat post by a 16 year old student in Watertown H.S., Wisconson.  The Snap has not been exposed, but shortly after the closing was announced, officials indicated that things appear to be fine and there is no immediate threat to students.  School will be in session again tomorrow, but for today, fear kicked in and students had the day off.

Last  month a similar situation occurred when a 15 year old student from Homestead H.S., another Wisconson High School, posted a threatening message on Social Media that caused Homestead to close its doors.  The message can be found from the story and states:


It is interesting how a student can so easily cause fear and disrupt the normal operations of a school system.  I suppose it is similar to kids phoning in bomb threats in years past, but now, it seams so much easier and widespread.

I wonder, did the events of Columbine and Virginia Tech result in a new measures to ensure our students safety?  Is Social Monitoring helping to avoid such violent behavior in schools?  I applaud the authorities and schools for being overly cautious.  It is much better to read a story about a school that was closed for a day, rather than a story about a school with lost lives.



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One Response to Social Media Post Causes High School to Close

  1. sydhavely says:

    Would be interested on your take of Apple’s refusal to unlock the phone of one of the suspected terrorists in San Bernardino, despite a court order to do so. We’ll discuss tonight.

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