My pet peeve (of the day) with Facebook


While some people would argue that social media has allowed us all to be more efficient with many aspects of our life, others would argue that has caused us all to become super lazy. I can point to many ways social media has enriched my life and made things easier – I no longer have to sit and wait for a septa train, I can look on my septa twitter feed and see exactly what/where and when a problem is occurring. I can often and easily get much of my top headline news in the morning via twitter on my train ride into work.

Now…pointing to ways social media has caused us to be lazy and unwilling to either pick up a phonebook (what’s that) or even ask a neighbor or a friend (gasp, I’d never)..a big issue I have with social media are the many lazy and silly questions for help on either facebook or twitter.


I belong to about five different area “yard sales”, mostly on Facebook. This is where people within a certain distance post items for sale that can be picked up and paid for on someone’s front porch. It has also become a place recently where people can ask advice about businesses in that region – anything from best recommendations on daycare to best dentists, best brunch place etc. It’s becoming noisy, cluttering, and worst of all, redundant, as many of those group pages aren’t moderated that well or even moderated by all users in the group and thus, there is no sufficient archive where people can retrieve questions that have been asked in the past. I don’t know about anyone else, but if I want recommendations on a pediatric doctor or a daycare, I want to talk to someone I know that has kids. Sure, I’ll read the posts that other people are writing and read their comments for ideas –  (and maybe that’s all these original posters are intending – it’s just an idea generator) -but if I’m asking someone for a recommendation, I just wanted it verified by someone I know. Or even have a forum to be able to ask questions quickly back and forth.

Just my two cents!


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One Response to My pet peeve (of the day) with Facebook

  1. sydhavely says:

    More than two cents’ worth of insight, Kate. And as to social media making us less social, when was the last time, pre-smartphones, that you started chatting up a stranger on a subway platform waiting for a train? Not me. Great post.

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