Is social media a better way to run for charity?


Compared with ordinary charity groups like red cross. More and more people are now running for charities by social media. Social media seems to be a more open and transparent platform for people to learn about the progress of the charity. For example, donators can know where the money is spent and who they are helping. Moreover, some individuals are using social media to raise money for their disabled children or endangered husband or wife.

There is no doubt the social media platform help many people out of their difficulties as long as they are telling great stories that make people feel their emotion.

Furthermore, IBT(international broadcasting trust) released a report telling about 5 lessons which we can learn from charities using social media. (for more information, check the reference below)

1.Message and audience first; platform second.

2.Move from broadcast to dialogue.

3.Measure against internal benchmarks to drive innovation.

4.Listen actively.

5.Prioritize new voices

But the question is that is social media a better way to run for charities? Of course, by using social media, we can reach more people at a very low expense. We do not need to run for a charity evening party or stay on the road to let people donate. Moreover, people can know more about the story if they are interested on the internet.

However, there are also some people that fake their stories and win people’s trust and money. No doubt they are good story tellers. On the internet, there is a guy who photos himself to be a pretty girl, quite usual for nowadays culture, that wins more than 10 thousand dollars on the internet by presenting a heartbreaking girl’s story. To most people’s relief, he was caught by the police for his misbehavior.

Broadly speaking, social media is not only a platform that we tell the truth, but also a place where we camouflage ourselves. Moreover, it is very interesting to see the U.S. president election on the internet. Who is telling the truth?


5 lessons from the ways charities use social media

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2 Responses to Is social media a better way to run for charity?

  1. sydhavely says:

    Interesting post, Xiwen. What stood out for me were the five lessons for those seeking charity donations online. They happen to apply to any social strategy and we would be well-served incorporating them into our final presentations and case study analyses of how well organizations use social media. Well done.

  2. Emelia says:

    Thanks for the Tech Trust mention. We’ve had a little rebrand from Technology Trust to Tech Trust so the article linked in this post is now reachable via this URL:

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