Closer or More Distance?



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One of my classmates in high school got married last week and I knew the information via her social media. We have not contacted with each other for a really long time, but thanks to the social media, I sent my best wishes to her and we talked a lot through this opportunity, which seems that we became familiar again.

This makes me to rethink whether social media really helps human beings to establish a closer relationship or it actually makes people have more distance.

On the one hand, we really have to appreciate the existence of the social media. It connects the whole world more closely together. People can share the latest information, news and technology via the social media at the same time and we can connect with others very conveniently through various social media platforms. As mentioned in this article (Reference: Social media benefits relationships), social media can truly enhance the personal interactions and offer tons of opportunities for creating and maintaining relationship. Taking my high school classmate as an example, we know more about each other’s life via social media because we all post photos, thoughts and even videos of our life on our social media accounts and we begin to have more common topics again. And in the article, the author also mentioned the usefulness of many social media platforms, such as the professional networking in LinkedIn, strong dating pool in Tinder, great reaching out opportunities in Twitter and chances to get closer with families and friends via Facebook regardless of the physical distance.

But on the other hand, do we really get closer from our inner world? Still taking my high school classmate as an example, we talk with each other more frequently online and we always ‘like’ or comment each other’s posts through the social media. But in fact, we still have not met each other for several years and we don’t know how exactly each other’s life is. We may not even recognize each other on the road due to Photoshop or other technology effects online. Nowadays, we live in a fast pace society, everything seems to be in a ‘fast-food’ style. People’s emotion comes into a ‘fast-food era’ as well. We can always interact with each other online enthusiastically and like others’ posts all the time, but we are still not familiar in the real life. Moreover, we may have more negative emotions to our friends and families because of the social media.For example, people will become jealous to what they don’t have; couples will be dissatisfied with each other due to the less communications in real life but frequent new updates on the social media and also other insecurities arising because of the social media. (Reference: Social media impact on relationships)

I cannot imagine what the life will become if we go back to the era with only letters and face-to-face communications. And I wonder what our relationships will be in that era, closer or more distance? It is always a hot but difficult topic to judge the change of human beings’ relationships with the social media.




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One Response to Closer or More Distance?

  1. sydhavely says:

    Shiting–You cover a lot of topics in your post. The social platform,, tries to re-connect people such as your high school friend. What becomes of the relationship after the reconnection, I suppose, is up to the people involved. They may get closer or they may just “keep their distance,” physically and emotionally. But one thing’s for sure, social media will change the social fabric of people’s lives forever. Nice post.

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