You better hope your child is not on…..


Photo from: Digital Business Consultancy

Have you ever heard of I only stumbled upon it because a co-worker told me her niece was on it and asked me if we talked about it in our social media class at school.

I had no idea something like this even existed. is a social media platform where people go to ask questions. They can allow people to see who they are or they can also report as anonymous (leading to the bullying).

The questions that are generated at first might seem harmless, but once you start to dig deeper, you will see the result of bullying.

Example of questions from Business Insider:

The main users of these accounts are young teens. According to Business Insider: 9 teens so far have committed suicide because of this social media platform. The main issue with is that the privacy controls are few and far between. Why do they get away with this? blames the media for the suicides and says that their platform is another form of social media. There is not much out there as to why this has not been taken down, but it is active and teenagers are using it. It is so scary to think that something like this even exists.

What is going on? Why is this allowed? Can it be controlled? If they remove, will something else just be created? This is the dark and scary side of social media and I think it is something that needs to be talked about more.

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One Response to You better hope your child is not on…..

  1. sydhavely says:

    This is a hot topic among social media psychologists such as Sherry Turkle and Dana Boyd. Both are strong believers in the downside of what excessive texting and bullying can have on teens and their often brittle sense of self-awareness and self-esteem. Your post is well-taken and important. I hadn’t heard about but seems indeed unregulated and potentially harmful to teens where boundary-less guidelines about civility seem the norm. Thank you for posting, Brittany.

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