Effective Storytelling = Emotional Engagement

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Pictured: Aronda Smith, Founder of the Veterans Multi-Service Center – Women Veterans Center and City Council Veterans Advisory Commissioner speaking at the Women Veterans Memorial in D.C. hosted by First Lady Michelle Obama and REDBook Magazine.

As a child, I found myself attractive to storytelling from elders more specifically my uncles. I eagerly anticipated visits from my uncles as a kid to indulge in their stories. I so loved to hear them share; I would set attentively as they spoke so vividly. Many of the stories, I heard time and time again and engaged as if it was the first. As a teenager, I visited the assisted living program for the elderly on Sundays faithfully. The stories would take me places I’d never been however through the their succulent accounts I was present.

Part of my role as a veterans advocate is public speaking. I often utilize storytelling as a primary means to engage the audience. As the founder of the Women Veterans Center, I used storytelling to get Senior Leadership and Board members  to support my initiative. After receiving internal support, I met with stakeholders as well as veterans regarding the need, vision and mission of the Women Veterans Center. During these opportunities, I used stories of other veterans as well as my own story. These stories evoked emotions in the listeners which aided in an incredible amount of support from the community, stakeholders and veterans.

The article 3 Steps to Effective Storytelling is interesting because it outlines these important elements of telling a story.

1 – You need to have perspective.
2 – You need to draft an effective plot.
3 – Are there more ways to tell your story other than text.

In the picture above, I am using storytelling to engage the audience regarding the importance of genders specifics modalities for women veterans.

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1 Response to Effective Storytelling = Emotional Engagement

  1. sydhavely says:

    Nicely done, Aronda, and true.

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