Will the virtual me replace me?


Imaging a world that you can create a identical you virtually. Your character would have the same hair color, identical leg length, even your imaginary good look. You can even put your personal history in that character, including your first love and your beloved dog or cat. Is it wonderful or is it frightening?

There is no doubt that virtual reality would be the next social media platform. People can chat in the virtual world, building friendship or maybe even having meeting and having classes. Maybe some of the scenes happened in the science fiction movie would come true. People no longer need to meet each other to feel their companion’s temperature. What they only need is a virtual reality headset. There would be an online platform that people can chat together and share information just like ordinary conversation.

Moreover, with the help of AI, would there be one day that our virtual characters can have their own feelings and own intelligence? What will our virtual characters be like if I put every  personal history on the social media?

We like to post our feelings and personal history on the social media. As a result, our virtual characters may inhibit our abilities, our personalities. What distinguish us from each other is that we have different personal history. So here is the question. Despite the fact that virtual reality character would not have a real body, what distinguish us from the virtual us. What keeps us unique? What makes who we are?



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2 Responses to Will the virtual me replace me?

  1. armour52 says:

    Scary and freaky. I don’t think I like this.

  2. sydhavely says:

    Great questions. Well done.

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