Swipe Right For New Customers

Photo courtesy of heavy.com

Photo courtesy of heavy.com

The ‘Tinder Generation’ is on the rise and looking closely at their online dating habits can potentially shed some light on their shopping habits. Companies would be wise to start to consider how these online dating apps can translate into more sales or a more connected customer base! How does one ‘shop’ for dates similarly shop for goods or services?

Through online dating apps, singletons are exposed to more options and choices than ever before. Choice is the key. According to Bridget Randolph in her most recent blog post Identity, Affinity, and Personalization: What Marketers Can Learn From Tinder

As a marketer attempting to connect with the “Tinder Generation,” your goal is to tap into your customers’ values at a very personal level, connect with them through their personal network or “tribe,”…

But what does that mean? How do you effectively connect with your potential customer base through their network? The first step is identifying what they want from you.  By looking closely at how they date, you can get an idea of what they are looking for in ALL of their relationships, including consumer brands.

This new generation of daters and consumers is looking for a one-stop-shop when it comes to shopping – and that doesn’t change whether it’s shopping for dates or a new sweater.  Their expectations don’t change and they expect: options, convenience, instant gratification, and 24/7 connectivity.  So, as a business, how can you meet the needs of this generation?

By providing a full 24/7 access shopping experience that allows your customers to pick from a variety of options you are able to increase your customers and sales by taping into their ‘acquisition behavior.’ If you can master how to market to their values, personality, group affinities, and social connections – you might just find more of your customers are swiping right for that new pair of jeans!

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1 Response to Swipe Right For New Customers

  1. sydhavely says:

    Clearly a difficult task for Tinder and the Tinder generation. Seems there are more challenges than successes, but maybe not. Good post, Liz

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