Social Media and Personalization

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With the advent of Social Media, companies are now collecting an incredible amount of information about their current and potential customers.  On a positive side, the companies should be able to market and support products that are suitable to the likes and needs of the individual.  On the negative side, the companies can either misinterpret the information or even worse become a bit “creepy”.

We have all seen personalization attempts from a marketing perspective.  If not, give it a try.  I dare you.  Go to Google or Amazon and search for just about anything you might want to purchase.  Within no time, you will see banner ads from various companies which offer the best deal for that great product.  And if they do it right, you can save time and money.  But if done wrong, you could be offered a ice skating dance outfit when you really were looking for a new skateboarding pair of pants (see cartoon above).

Another way companies are becoming personalized is by personalizing their products. Recently, Nutella let customers put their name on a jar.   Well, maybe not all customers


Nutella denied a little girl with the name Isis.  I can understand originally, but once they learned the story, I think they should have reconsidered.

Recently, Customer Experience organizations have begun to leverage social information and personalization techniques to support their customers much like the marketing organizations started several years ago.  CX groups are leveraging customer Profiles, Affinities, Sentiments, Behaviors, Content and Context to help customers navigate thru a customer journey.  A CX journey could be learning about products, buying a product, getting/installing a product, using a product, paying for a product or getting service for a product.

Some CX personalization strategies are well received like while shopping having product reviews, ratings, interactive maps and personalized coupons, but other things like dynamic pricing, greeting by name at a store, and dressing room video promotions are just downright “creepy”.


I think it will take some time, but I do think companies will succeed in delivering a great experience with social media personalization strategies.  Experts tend to agree.



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One Response to Social Media and Personalization

  1. sydhavely says:

    For sure, Marty. The filter bubble and “the daily u” are but two examples of how advertisers personalize their messages to us, sometimes convenient to our buying desires, sometimes discriminatory. Nicely done.

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