Philadelphia’s First Mayor of Social Media


Jim Kenney may have just been elected Philadelphia’s 99th Mayor but he wasted no time in hiring Stephanie Waters as the first digital director in city history.  This decision was probably not up for debate given his history of tweets from his personal account (@JimFKenney) while he was a member of the Philadelphia City Council.  Talk about a treasure trove of hilarious tweets, some of the issues Kenney touched upon were Viagra, Sriracha and hating fraud Cowboy fans such as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

However, the article I read in the Metro grabbed my attention for several reasons, first being the salary of $95,000 to manage Kenney’s Twitter, Instagram & Facebook feeds.  Who knows how many hours a week that entails and what time of day you have to be available, but that is a pretty nice salary for someone who isn’t even 30 yet.  Not to be too judgmental, but responding to 19 out of 200 questions during a recent twitter session is pretty weak.  I’d be curious to know what their goals were ahead of the session, which questions would be answered and what ones they were going to stay away from.

As we touched upon in class last week, our environment is constantly evolving with technology serving as the catalyst but it’s fascinating to think how many more jobs in social media will be created in the next few years.  How to go about obtaining one is probably going to be much easier down the road.  My best guess would be to volunteer your services for a local company or politician so your social media presence is documented and therefore you can present something resembling a portfolio if a position opens up at a company strictly devoted to social media.  I could see myself being interested in the industry as it’s become apparent more and more companies are seeing the benefits associated with a clear & inventive social media presence.  It sure beats sitting in a cubicle and allows your creative side to shine in an era where so many people get boxed into careers because they’re unsure of what they want even after college.  Thinking along those lines, will college even be necessary in 15-20 years if high paying jobs are obtainable through social media?   I for one will begin to start paying closer attention to jobs becoming available in a completely new sector because of the rise in social media’s popularity.

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1 Response to Philadelphia’s First Mayor of Social Media

  1. sydhavely says:

    Clearly, social media is the wave of the future and you would be denying yourself a potential opportunity not to explore it. Nice post. Greg.

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