SEARCial = PINTEREST .. The Next Google?


Photo Courtesy: Shutterstock

Are you pinning? Do you know what pinning is? Pinterest has over 47 million users according to research and it is only expected to grow. People are describing Pinterest as Searcial. This is a combination of search and social. Rather than connecting, like most social platforms are for; Pinterest is more focused on finding the items you like and linking you directly to the product. An added bonus with Pinterest is that you can even connect with your circle of friends & share Pins.

SEARCial = PINTEREST .. The Next Google? Maybe that is a bit drastic because come on, Google could never be replaced. Or could it?

Pinterest is focused on the shopper, but there are now so many other things that Pinterest does. It is a place to create boards and store all of your favorite “stuff.” You can find almost everything on Pinterest and what makes it so attractive is that rather than text showing up, it is an image that then links out directly to the products site.

Pinterest is growing everyday and as the users grow, the search engine grows. According to the Social Examiner: In the second half of 2014, Pinterest increased membership by 57% and active users by 111%. To compare, Facebook gained 6% more members and 2% more active users.

Will Pinterest overtake Facebook in sales one day? I can see this happening.

Will Pinterest become the number one search engine? Will people say “pin it” instead of “google it” … ?

According to the Social Examiner: “Pinterest’s data is as similar to the purchase-intent data that Google compiles. Ads targeted with Google’s data generate impressive direct response (because they’re so relevant to searcher intent), and Forrester analysts believe Pinterest data has the same power and potential.”

I think one of the issues Pinterest does have right now is that big brands are not using it. Is it because they don’t need to? Is it because they are not aware of the how useful Pinterest is? Will they eventually start using it?

I love Pinterest and the potential it has should scare its competitors. It does something more than just connecting. It is easy to use, has great ideas and it looks good.


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1 Response to SEARCial = PINTEREST .. The Next Google?

  1. sydhavely says:

    This is a great post, Brittany. You put a whole new spin on Pinterest and what may lie ahead for the photo platform. I just signed up for it myself for many of the reasons you suggest, plus the photos are incredible.

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