How to Evaluate the Super Bowl 50 Commericals


As an international student, I knew Super Bowel before I came to the U.S five years ago. Super Bowel, to Americans, is not only the annual championship game of NFL, but also a distinctly American cultural event. I’m not a football fan, but I’m still somekind excited about Super Bowel every year because of the halftime show and commercials, which are the strategies to attract non-football fans.

According to NBC Sports, last year, a record 114.4 million viewers on average enjoyed Super Bowl XLIX, between the Patriots and Seahawks. This year, the numbers were down, but the audience was still gigantic with 111.9 million viewers. Due to this reason, the game ranks as the single most expensive day for advertisers. The premium companies are still willing to pay to reach the broadcast’s built-in audience. Super Bowl 50 earned an average household rating of 49 percent, which means almost half of America’s homes with TV sets tuned in.

Advertisers aimed for an upbeat tone in this year’s Super Bowl, following last year’s more serious-minded commercials. Humor is a winning strategy this year, as well as cute animals. From a business perspective, Tim Calkins, a Marketing professor at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, thinks the best ads accomplish two goals: They stand out from the blitz of commercials Americans are exposed to every day, as well as provide viewers a reason to buy the product. In fact, Kellogg School of Management ranks the Super Bowl ads on their marketing effectiveness every year.

Based on the Kellogg School’s rankings, the best of Super Bowl 50’s commercial ad with a combination of humor and celebrities is Toyota’s Prius spot.


Kellogg School ranks the ads based on their marketing prowess, but other Super Bowl commercial rankings rely on viewers’ reaction to the ads from social media buzz. For example, USA Today’s Ad Meter ranked Hyundai’s “First Date” as the winner, based on the responses of 20,000 viewers. But in Kellogg’s ranking, the Hyundai earned a B grade.

Then which way do you think works better?



111.9 million Super Bowl viewers this year

Super Bowl 50 commercials: Winners and losers

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  1. sydhavely says:

    Xingyun–Ads certainly play a large role in the Super Bowl and for that reason, huge monies are invested by advertisers. What else did you take away from the Super Bowl in terms of social media?

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