A Social? SB50 Weekend


I was fortunate to attend SB50 in California this past weekend and it was a very social event.  Unfortunately, I could not find much social media that actually worked aside from my posts to Facebook.  Pictured above is the social media command center that was in NFL City.  For a command center of social media, it lacked Social Media.  All that was behind the wall was a bunch of newscasters and cameras with direct feeds to the likes of ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, etc.  I expected much more.

There were many games and activities around the Center.  Some were virtual reality and others were action sports.  Each function had two lines.  One for folks that reserved a space in advance using the SB50 app and a secondary line for walk-ups.   I wish I had a photo.  The walk-up line was 30 deep and the pre-register line was empty for every since function.  I figured I would download the app and get my spot to avoid the line….  Turns out you could download the app, but the reservation function was not working!!


I was very fortunate to attend many great functions including the Wheel’s Up Tailgate party, Alcatraz, Metallica, many great meals and the game itself.  I was posting photos to all of my family and friends over the course of the weekend.  Here are a few:

Anyone want to guess which photo received the most likes and comments?


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2 Responses to A Social? SB50 Weekend

  1. sydhavely says:

    Certainly your experience was at odds with the pre-Super Bowl social media blitz. Go figure. What do you think was going on with that, Marty?

  2. marcinczyk says:

    I’m not sure. The app did have some useful information about the events, but the interactive/operational/social components of it were not effective. Perhaps a little too much marketing around the “what we are going to do” and not enough development leadership and/or funding?

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