Superbowl Halftime Show always create the ‘superstar’


It seems to be a regular rule that performers who can be on the super bowl halftime show stage will become one of the most popular stars immediately, especially nowadays with the spread and live broadcast through different types of social medias.

The half time show for 2016 super bowl gives the opportunities to Coldplay, Beyoncé and Bruno Mars, who have already been very famous singers in the field. However, comparison among these three super stars seems to be inevitable. There is a piece of news today that is in the hot search list talking about the ‘social media reactions to these three halftime performers’. (Reference here: Social media reactions to the halftime show )

Obviously, people expressed their totally different opinions on these three super stars’ performance. Beyoncé seems to win the comparison since more people on the social media love her so much, really enjoy her show and think that she was the person who saved this halftime show. I also searched a lot of other comments on the twitter and the Instagram accounts of these three performers, I found that Beyoncé always gets the most ‘like’ for her status talking about the ‘super bowl’, instead, Bruno Mars and Coldplay are about the same. This can also illustrate that Beyoncé receives the most audience recognition among the three people. Although the fans of each star would always speak well of their own idol and help them to get more attention on the social media, we have to admit that the performers will still increase their public awareness dramatically no matter they get more nice reviews or bad reviews.

With the social media, it creates a fantastic platform for the three performers to enhance their public awareness and recognition. Moreover, it provides all the social media users a more visualized and clearer view of the three singers so that the common audience can read all these comments and choose their favorite one, which on the other hand can increase the number of fans of the three performers as well. Also, it is one of the best and efficient chances for the three performers to advertise themselves and their new songs, for instance, Beyoncé performed her new song during the halftime show, which definitely made her new song well-known through the whole social media.

All in all, no matter what comparisons and comments the performers receive in the social media platform, what they will get is the dramatic increase of their own social recognition and public awareness, no matter it is good or bad.




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One Response to Superbowl Halftime Show always create the ‘superstar’

  1. sydhavely says:

    So true, Shiting. I happened to have loved all three performers and performances but I can understand Beyonce’s singular appeal. She is managed and handled with the greatest of talents, her husband, Jay Z, and it shows, along with her musical and dance gifts, Bruno Mars and Chris Martin notwithstanding. Great post.

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