Super Bowl 50 Impromptu Advertising?


At the conclusion of Super Bowl 50 amidst all of the pageantry and fan-fair for the Bronco’s, and the dejected reactions of Panther players and fans, Peyton Manning turned some heads with his post game comments.  He twice mentioned drinking Budweiser as part of his plans after winning his second Super Bowl, and it stood out to me because of the seemingly planted nature of the quotes.  However, a representative for Anheuser Busch stated that Manning was not paid to make the comments he did.  If we take this proclamation at face value and accept it as truth, it ties in very nicely with social media.  It is difficult for me to not question Peyton’s motives here, especially given his many lucrative sponsorship deals (he kissed Papa John before his wife and kids), but I can take my conspiracy hat off for the time being.

This is interesting to me because Budweiser was able to capitalize on what was determined to be about a $14 million ad space, absolutely free. Not only did they get the obvious bang for their buck of the on-air promotion at 2 different points from Peyton, but the addition of social media and general media picking it up and talking about it is even more exposure.  Calculated or not, Budweiser took full advantage.

Interesting indeed.  What do you guys think?  Was this a well thought out plan to capture a prime audience, or a quick thinking social media team that jumped on an opportunity that presented itself?

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One Response to Super Bowl 50 Impromptu Advertising?

  1. sydhavely says:

    Really good post, Mike. Couple of reactions. First, Peyton Manning knows where his and the NFL’s bread is buttered. And it’s sponsor-and network TV-driven. Second, he’s getting ready for his post-football career and all the endorsements and opportunities that might bring. He’s a 21st century creature of social media and marketing. As they say in Mississippi, Mrs. Manning didn’t raise no fool. And Archie can be right proud of son #1. Son #2 didn’t acquit himself so well in the owner’s box with his stone-faced reaction to his brother’s touchdown throw. What’s with that, Eli?

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