Social Media or Commercials?


The Super Bowl is probably the biggest event of the year. Me, being a huge DENVER fan was more focused on the game than the commercials. With that being said, I do still look forward to the commercials. However, most commercials this year were quite simple. I was not necessarily blown away by many.

The one thing I was blown away by was Eli Manning’s reaction when he knew his brother had just won his second Super Bowl.

The second I saw his face, I took right to social media. This was something and still is something everyone is talking about. One person caught this and millions have shared it.

Moments like this are not planned, but what if they were planned? What if advertisers took moments like this and rather than using commercials as their form of advertisement; using these examples as their form of advertisement. More people are talking about Eli’s reaction than they are talking about all of the commercials combined.

Do we think the hype over Super Bowl commercials has fallen by the waste sides because of social media? Or do we think these commercials were just mediocre this year? Some people are even saying that the half time show was a total flop. The commercials and the half time show are what keep “non-football” people interested. Some are saying that both of these were not a win for Super Bowl 50.

How could have social media helped with this? Is there a way for advertisers to plan things that could potentially take off on social media rather than wasting millions of dollars on Super Bowl ads? I know if the kid right in front of Eli was holding a coca cola in his hand, that would have been impressive advertising. Maybe it’s far fetched, but there was nothing like seeing his reaction and how much interest it generated on social media.

How can advertisers and social media work together when things like this happen?

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One Response to Social Media or Commercials?

  1. sydhavely says:

    I caught this expression as well and wondered, is there something I’m missing? I could understand if the camera was focused on Tom Brady, who wished he was playing instead of Manning, but his brother? Geez. Anyway, hard to know where advertising ends and authentic game watching begins. So much of the Super Bowl is scripted anyway. Great post, Brittany.

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