Promotion for Iphone7?


TIm Cook’s photo

Tim Cook is getting plenty of feedback after posting a wild, out-of-focus shot on Twitter at the end of Super Bowl 50. Most of them are making jokes about this photo named taken by iPhone 6s.

屏幕快照 2016-02-08 14.25.23

People are joking about whether the new iPhone 7 is coming to the market. The market has released the news that iPhone 6s are not selling well. So how could Tim Cook solve the problem which would lead to a decrease of Stock market price of Apple, definitely not by posting a blurry photo. Moreover, it is interesting to notice that Apple is a great sponsor of this Super Bowl.

Social media is definitely a very good tool to promote for company’s products. Canon has done a great job by posting great photos shot by great photographers in order to promote their new released EOS 1D mark ii. Although we all know that iPhone do a great job in taking photos, this photo taken by Tim Cook could be a very bad social media campaign for Apple.

If Tim Cook is not the CEO of Apple, taking a blurry photo is not a very big problem. We can understand Tim’s excitement of  watching the Super Bowl. However, he could do better on sharing his feeling and promoting the Apple.



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2 Responses to Promotion for Iphone7?

  1. sydhavely says:

    Spot on, Xiwen. Well said.

  2. armour52 says:

    Despite all of Apple’s shortcomings, they still know how to market themselves and get maximum profit without giving the customer too much.

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