Are You in #Formation Yet?

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Beyoncé’s performance at the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show left the internet buzzing. People took to social media to share content and relive the experience, debate the quality of the performance, and start talking about her 2016 Formation World Tour that was announced shortly after the show. One thing is clear, Beyoncé is a powerhouse! Whether or not you like her music, or enjoyed the Halftime Show last night, it is hard to deny the power that Beyoncé wields as a celebrity. The strategy that goes into each album release, tour announcement, and performance is astounding; Beyoncé and her team are adept strategists, and they have built much more than a brand. The Bey hive is truly an empire.

Beyoncé’s performance of ‘Formation’ was, and still is, the top trending entertainment story on Facebook.

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The new song and video were cleverly released a day before the Super Bowl, with the momentum only increasing during the Halftime Show, followed by the new tour announcement. Additionally, the content of the video and its proceeding performance left many wondering, is Beyoncé an entertainer, activist, or both?


Photo courtesy of The Guardian

Speaking to the #BlackLivesMatter movement, Beyoncé’s video featured commentary on police brutality, and her halftime performance included dancers who were dressed in reference and reverence to The Black Panthers. After watching the show and the new video, I have been reflecting on the power and responsibility of celebrities in 2016. Do artists like Beyoncé have an obligation to speak out on issues that demand attention?

In the last few years, Beyoncé’s music and performances have adopted more of a social justice framework. She has made statements on feminism and body positivity in the past, and with this new ‘Formation’ video, performance and tour, it seems that Bey is being beautifully and unapologetically vocal about her convictions. Although Beyoncé didn’t show up to play in yesterday’s game, she emerged an MVP in many ways. And for those of us who are devoted members of the hive, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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One Response to Are You in #Formation Yet?

  1. sydhavely says:

    Alexis–Great post and analysis of Beyonce’s performance and political bent now in her peformancces. Yes, I agree, artists have an ethical obligation to speak out on issues confronting society and their fans. I applaud her for that.

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