Beyoncé – Super Bowl 50 Halftime


Uh-oh, uh-oh…Beyoncé does it again.

Formation.  The new release of Beyoncé’s latest song has taken social media and the internet by storm! Once again, with no warning, she drops new music, and the world goes crazy!  This time, she does it the day before her historical golden halftime performance, Super Bowl 50. The surprise release is genius because fans are always thirsty for new music from her and the shock and awe is an innovative way to introduce what they have been waiting for and to release it on her husband’s music streaming service, Tidal,, is phenomenal, just like she did once before.  Everyone was already very excited to see her perform for the second time during the halftime show and it will be the most watched halftime show viewed by football fans, no, by Beyoncé fans.

Beyoncé is an electrifying performer.  So galvanizing that the power blew out at the Super Bowl very shortly after the half time show in 2013, the scoreboards, concessions, elevators…everything.  The game was even paused for a few minutes until it was fixed.  Her performance causing the power outage was a joke that went viral on social media, but she IS that amazing.  I took my pre-teen daughter, at the time, to Beyoncé’s concert and it was incredible.  I won the title of ‘”Best Mom in the World”, well, until she became a teenager.  I think that Beyoncé is a wonderful entertainer, aside from her lack of singing capabilities.  It was the most energizing concert I’ve been to.

The halftime show is the most anticipated part of Super Bowl 50.  Everyone is waiting to see Beyoncé, males and females.  I’ve heard throughout the years that people would watch the Super Bowl to see the new commercials and that was the best part of the almost the 3 hour show.  This mind set has shifted to the halftime show being the best part and the reason people will watch.

Who’s playing again??


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One Response to Beyoncé – Super Bowl 50 Halftime

  1. sydhavely says:

    Great post, Pam. As usual, you’re on the money. She’s talented, voice-gifted, and with Jay Z, a husband with just huge musical industry clout.

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