Sending a Lovely Message through Super Bowl


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Super Bowl is the annual showcase of the marketing masterpiece. Companies dump budget to catch audience’s eyes by attracting commercial and campaign. This year, Mini will reveal its first commercial in Super Bowl since 2011 and launch a campaign “Defy Labels”.

The campaign featuring six athletes, celebrities and actors, uses stories about overcoming the labels to break the stereotype people pose on Mini. “The perception for a lot of people is that Mini means a ‘too-small, two-door hatch.” Says Tom Noble, head of Mini brand communications. The key message of the campaign is to tell people that Mini is not what you think. Defy Labels campaign comes with the launch of the Cooper Clubman, the largest model in Mini.


Mini kicked off the campaign in late January on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Defy Labels website with a 30-second spot. After it comes the interview of six celebrities, tennis player Serena Williams, retired soccer player Abby Wambach, skateboard legend Tony Hawk, “The Big Unit” Randy Johnson, singer T-Pain and actor Harvey Keitel. I could not stop but watch all of the interviews at once. In the interview, they talked about their experience and viewpoint of overcoming stereotype, as well as their relationships with Mini. Their words were powerful, strong and authentic. It gives you energy and the confidence to be yourself. Also, it makes the “Cooper Clubman”, the model that Mini is promoting in the commercial, much more attractive.

I personally find this advertisement and a series of interviews fascinating and meaningful because it echoed to a part of my past experience. With all kinds of labels that people post on me when I first stepped into my career, the only way to defy them is to be yourself and show them who you are, just as what six celebrities said in the behind scene interview, “Don’t let anyone define who you are…”.

Super Bowl is such a powerful and influential platform that it is now not limited on TV but all over the social media. I think this platform could be used more than just selling products and services, but sending positive values and messages to the world. From the corporate perspectives, it is the best opportunity to demonstrate the core value and corporate culture. I think it is crucial to tell people what a corporate believes, since people nowadays do not by plain product any more, they buy things with beautiful story and meaning. As companies put on funny and eye-catching commercials in the Super Bowl, this Mini commercial uses a different angel to stand out by its profoundness and story behind the commercial notion.



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  1. sydhavely says:

    Tina–couldn’t agree with your more. Great post.

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