Panthers vs. Broncos Isn’t The Only Game In Town

For the past 12 years Animal Planet has been hosting a ‘rival’ event on Super Bowl Sunday, The Puppy Bowl.  This big game showcases animals that are available for adoption from across the country. Using a mini stadium and football field, these adorable fur balls romp around trying to score touchdowns by taking one of the many toys into their end zone. The Puppy Bowl, along with the kitty half-time show,hamster aerial blimp, penguin cheerleaders, and many other adorable animals became a crowd favorite!

The Puppy Bowl isn’t just for show. The emphasis is on adoptable shelter pets and helping these animals find their fur-ever homes.  Last year, during the off season or what Animal Planet deems ‘The Road To The Puppy Bowl’ over 3,000 shelter pets were adopted based on Puppy Bowl events, outreach, and general education of TV viewers. This year, 44 shelters and rescue groups will be represented from 25 states resulting in a number of additional pets being placed in homes.

The Puppy Bowl has become so popular that you can even get in on the action and create a fantasy team! SBNation has compiled a breakdown of each ‘competitor’ along with football style player statistics for each. Which helps to increase the general hype of the event and theoretically gets even more people involved!

Animal Planet and rescue organizations have done a great job capitalizing on the football fever created by the Super Bowl and helping to promote their cause of rescue animal adoptions and donations. Last year just under 3 million viewers tuned in and watched the game on Animal Planet with their largest viewership of 9 million occurring in 2011.  Which begs the question, what has made this event so successful? Why don’t other organizations take advantage of this opportunity?

Regardless of which puppy wins MVP this or which team scores the most points, I know that I will certainly be tuning in and they can count on my viewership as well as a donation to my local rescue group.  However, what I really want to know is how can I become the Ref for Puppy Bowl XIII?!?!?

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One Response to Panthers vs. Broncos Isn’t The Only Game In Town

  1. sydhavely says:

    This an absolutely great post. Well done, Liz.

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