T-Mobile Launches First SuperBowl Commercial Starring TV Actor and Rapper Drake

Image result for drake and hotline bling costume

With less than a week away until the Super Bowl, one company has already dropped its game day commercial.  T-Mobile released its “Hotline Bling” commercial starring TV actor and rapper Drake (full name Aubrey Drake Graham) whose hit and video of the same name has been called the most meme-ified song of 2015.

Except what survives is not T-Mobile but Drake’s hotline bling.

The SuperBowl ad is funny in a kind of a “lawyers spoil everything” way.  I would say “cute” but no more.  But I love the fashion shout-out Drake throws to turtlenecks.  Looks good on him but most things would.  I still like his hotline bling look in the original video–red goose-down parka, Air shirt, sweat pants, and work boots (Nike ACG Manoa).  It’s understated cool, like the rapper himself.

And in the SuperBowl ad:

So here it is:

And the original:

Note to self: Lose the law firm invitation to watch the Super Bowl with the firm’s “wild and crazy guys” and stick my wireless carrier AT&T.  T-Mobile isn’t quite sure what business they’re in or maybe they’re cross-selling: Buy a cell phone, get a hotline bling wardrobe.


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