The 2016 Super Social Media Bowl

The Super Bowl is next Sunday night, however significant social media activity is underway by brands, fans, and teams. Here’s some things to consider when you “follow the bowl.”

Ad Week writes that this year, “the second screen will come first.”

This being “the year of mobile” has become a running joke in the agency world. And yet, Super Bowl 50 will, in fact, test marketers’ command of all platforms like never before. “Last year, everyone was working feverishly to try and crack the preroll,” said Martin Agency ecd James Robinson, who worked on a Godfather-themed spot for Audi in 2008. “This year, it’s about using the second screen.” TBWA\Chiat\Day New York ceo Rob Schwartz added: “The TV set has now become the second screen. This is the year the full ecosystem comes to life.” Droga5 group creative director Matt Ian, who has worked on past Big Game campaigns for Volkswagen, recalled Newcastle’s strategy last year “to own the game without being in the game” as being “just the beginning of the way this event evolves from an advertising perspective.”

An amazing tale of two quarterbacks:
There will be plenty of conversation about the quarterbacks from each team; the young and future star Cam Newton from the Carolina Panthers and the seasoned veteran Paeyton Manning of the Denver Broncos. Plus, there will be plenty of drama as to whether or not this will be Manning’s last football game ever. That’s a story.

The hashtags to follow:


Here are 7 twitter accounts you should follow for the Super Bowl.

Follow these brands: Marketing Land has created a public twitter list that follows many of the brands participating in the Super Bowl. You can check the list out here. Also, Marketing Land conducts their own #HashtagBowl with real time blogging during the Super Bowl.

Let us know what brands and conversations you will be following during the Super Bowl.

Good luck. May the Carolina Panthers your favorite team win!

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