Non-Profits and Social Media

Having a strong online presence is important for non-profit organizations, especially for those whose causes rely heavily on their supporters. Although effective social media requires constant time and effort, the attention that a non-profit can garner along with the connections a non-profit organization (NPO) can make with audience is a meaningful compromise.

Most of the supporters, like myself, seldomly check website for updates. This means people like me only think of the NPOs periodically. Having NPOs on my Facebook and Twitter remind me constantly of the NPO’s mission; it also updates me on the impact the NPOs are making. Sometimes it does attract me to donate and volunteer and raise awareness of a cause.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is one example of the many charitable online campaigns. You’ve probably seen it on social media or on television newscasts. People dump a bucket of ice water over their head. This ice bucket activity was viral. I have to admit that it was a simple concept. You either dnate $100 to ALS research or dump ice water over your head. After the challenge is completed, the person tells three more people to participate or donate. The challenge was started by a former Boston College baseball player and his wife. The baseball wanted people to learn more about the disease. Before he was diagnosed, not many people knew about the disease. The awareness was created through the social media campaign and has helped donations to the ALS Association surge. The President of the organization stated that they received $160,000 in a 10-day period.


Check out some of the best ALS Ice Bucket challenge videos here .

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1 Response to Non-Profits and Social Media

  1. sydhavely says:

    Hyder–You’re right. The Bucket Challenge was a huge success, opening up the debate again about fund-raising on line and how best and most effectively to do it. Well done.

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