Got beef?


Photo courtesy of Brand New Hip Hop, Wiz Khalifa & Kanye West

Nowadays celebrities take aim at one another over twitter and the world notices and won’t let it go.  One of my friends texted me asking if I had seen the twitter beef going on between Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa over an apparent tweet that was taken out of context.  Mr. West thought he was taking a shot as his wife, Kim Kardashian, and Wiz claims he was talking about a type of weed dubbed ‘kk’.  By the time I looked into the story later that night, all of Kanye’s tweets had been deleted and he had already sent out some sort of an apology.  I don’t know what it was that came over me at that moment but I was determined to read those tweets and I’m not really a fan of either’s music (except old school Kanye).

It was a story line that caught my attention for several reasons, first being that I couldn’t believe how many news outlets were covering it.  This is the world we are living in and with the amount of websites and blogs desperate for content, when something of this nature comes along they take it and run.  Whereas newsworthy stories of the past consisted of researching your subject and actually writing a story, these websites relied on screen grabs of both rappers tweets and compiling them in chronological order.  Next came the memes of the exchange, millions of tweets using the same hashtags as Kanye and we even had a mutual ex-girlfriend of both gentlemen got in on the action.  To me, it all seems to be a ploy for attention and that’s certainly what they got.  It also made me wonder how many of these ‘beefs’ we continue to see trending are for real or if they are just publicity stunts?

Could someone from their marketing teams have seen what rap’s last big twitter beef between Drake & Meek Mill did for them in terms of exposure and want to get in on the action?  That spawned several dis-tracks from both sides and their names were constantly littering music websites for months, and they still are!  While there is always a winner and a loser to any beef, any publicity is good publicity and it wouldn’t surprise me if there was something going on behind the creation of these legendary new school beefs.  These aren’t beefs like East Coast/West Coast, Tupac vs. Biggie, and someone is going to die, at least not yet.  But like a scene out of a great film that has been carefully written and produced to perfection, are we seeing twitter set the stage for a new type of performance?  It has a captive audience and allows them to interact during the beefs making them feel like they’re actually a part of it all.  People take sides, others weigh in and the performers are giving their audience exactly what they want, drama.

Was it a consequence this entire beef went down after West tweeted out a picture of the track listings for his new album Waves that is dropping soon?  The timing was perfect, his name was trending and he got people talking about him just in time for his new release.  My feelings for him aside, I’ve got to hand it to the guy as he always knows exactly what he is doing and continues to get results by manipulating the millions of people who either love him or hate him.

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2 Responses to Got beef?

  1. sydhavely says:

    Well-done, Greg, and I think you’ve found”the beef.” It’s marketing. We’re seeing Twitter used for all sorts of back-and-forth in all sorts of arenas.

  2. armour52 says:

    Love it or disappointed with reigning content nowadays, this is where we are now.

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