Be careful on your social media


Yesterday, a news from Daily Trojan caught my eyes, USC Admissions responds to survey on social media. According to the news, the USC Admissions Center claimed that it only looks at applicants’ social media profile in extraordinary cases in response to a recent survey by Kaplan Test Prep, which found that the percentage of universities in the U.S that are using social media to evaluate prospective undergraduates has reached an all-time high. The survey, released this month, polled 387 college admissions officers and found that 40 percent used applicants’ social media pages to learn about them. Those polled represented a mix of private, public, large and small institutions from every region in the United States.

Then I suddenly recalled that when I was in my junior year of undergraduate, I took a course called Career Development. The professor in the course told us to be carefully on social media, because more and more HR officers and graduate school admission officers will check applicants’ social media websites and evaluate their personalities based on their posts on social media. After that class, most of my classmates set privacy both on my Instagram and Facebook pages. Some of students started deleting their photos and posts to make their social media websites blank. And a few of students are smart enough to post things to catch HR or admission officers and strengthen their applications.

I’m not sure the authenticity of USC admission center’s response, because most of officers and official departments will not acknowledge that they are using people’s social media to help evaluation. Just like the news wrote that Eighty-nine percent of polled officers said that they rarely went online to research about their prospective students. I also think the action of checking social media website is kind of invasion of privacy. However, my professor is still right to be careful on social media. Social media pages make everything people say online open for all to see. Even if HR and school admission officers don’t visit these pages, others will see. Nobody can oppose that nowadays social media is an important tool for finding a mate and communicate with friends. Therefore, we should be more responsible for our every post on social media.

Source reference: USC Admissions responds to survey on social media

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1 Response to Be careful on your social media

  1. sydhavely says:

    An important caveat for all user of social media, college applications prospective employees, anyone whose presence on social media whose posts can be used for or against him or her. Great post and issue.

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