Showing talent through social media brings you opportunities


Nowadays human beings live in a ‘technology mode’ life that we use smart phones and social media all the time. Especially for young people, we like to share our opinions, ideas and our creative works through the social media more than sharing with our families, professors or friends. We set up our accounts through various social media tools and make them as our private and fantastic ‘another world’. And I began to find that this ‘private world’ couldn’t only bring us happiness and freedom but also brings and even creates opportunities for us.

Few weeks ago, I was told that one of my undergraduate alumnus, Dalong, at the Ohio State University is now working with several famous local fashion magazines in New York as a fashion photographer. Being a successful photographer is Dalong’s ultimate goal in his life. As a Chinese, to be a fashion photographer in the American fashion field is extremely difficult, but my alumnus did it. How could he become a little known fashion photographer in New York within only two years after graduation? The answer is social media! Dalong began to post his works online through many social medias when he was still in the university. At that time, some of our schools’ students started to pay him for taking graduating albums or other types of photos after seeing the works he posted online. Many students liked to take him as an example when talking about fashion, photograph or anything related.

Dalong never stopped posting his works through social media. He is used to tag the related places, models, or themes when he posts his art works or write some thoughts and comments below the photos. Then his social media accounts, such as the instagram becomes popular and receives more and more ‘likes’ and ‘reviews’, which attract the attention of other fashion workers. Now he has worked with several famous fashion magazines, met a lot of great and influential fashion workers and also established his own photography studio. He received so many interpersonal relationships and working chances through the social media.

My alumnus is a successful example who gets opportunities and creates a magical life through the social media, but he is not the only one. There are tons of other people also benefitted from the social media.

So why not we make full use of the social media from today, and opportunities may come to find you tomorrow or the other day in the near future.

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One Response to Showing talent through social media brings you opportunities

  1. sydhavely says:

    Extremely relevant post to what we’re talking about in class and indeed the many opportunities open to individuals who use the Internet and social media to advance their dreams. Well done, Shiting.

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