Driving Ms. Cindy

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I am and have been excited excited about the prospect of driverless and autonomous cars. Depending on which article you read, many expect for these cars to be driving around as soon as 2017 to 2025. Some vehicles are expected to roll out soon with parking, and lane changing features with more components gradually added through 2025-2045.  By then, our infrastructure will probably have changed enough so that we’ll all be living our lives differently.

I am not exactly sure how things will roll out, but I am looking forward to being able to call upon a car, program it where I want it to go, and get me there safely and efficiently.  It will be interesting to see who will get us there first, whether it’s, Google, Baidu, and/or London.  Every company wants to be at the helm of this technology that will hit the ground running, probably sooner rather than later.

I flipped through a plethora of Twitter articles on the subject and discovered that auto insurance companies have already been teaming up with auto car makers.   With all of the information out there, these are just some of the questions we can speculate on.

  • How long will it take before these vehicles are actually affordable?  
  • If these cars will be designed to anticipate movement of other approaching or nearing vehicles, how much will our infrastructure have to change to accommodate a new grid? 
  • How large of an undertaking will that be?  
  • How will parking authorities, and cops do ticketing?  
  • How will insurance premiums be affected?  
  • Will the onus of responsibility shift from driver to auto makers?

Robert Scoble thinks it will be at least a decade before Uber drivers will have to look for another job.  

It is expected that this next step of technology will increase road efficiency and combat against road dangers.  I look forward to the day where issues such as seniors struggling behind the wheels, people losing control of their vehicles, DUI’s, drowsy drivers, traffic jams and, road-rage, will be issues of the past.

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One Response to Driving Ms. Cindy

  1. sydhavely says:

    Cindy–You have put driverless cars in the leading edge category where they are certainly headed. Well done and extremely relevant to the course, the Internet of Things, and the role of technology in our lives. Who would have guessed 10 years ago or even 5?

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