Linking social media interactions to your customer data


Image courtesy of SAP

The use of social media in business means that our connections with our customers are through an increasing number of channels, making it difficult to manage and keep track of the interactions with individual customers. It may be difficult to know whether your organization’s interactions are with customer, which Gartner¹ indicates is one of three indicators that a social media strategy is not helping the customer experience. In many cases what is missing is a link to internal customer data, which leads to increased effort to connect with customers as a result of the interactions. Worse, Gartner indicates that the historical data on encounters with individual customers is not linked to the customer’s record, and thus historical data cannot be synthesized to reveal opportunities for additional business. Gartner recommends determining whether your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution is capable of social media integration.

Many CRM solutions handle information collected directly by the organization. For example, information is collected through incoming orders, web store comments, call center interactions, and account team interactions; this leaves social media sources out. More recently, however, CRM portfolios have added social media integration.

SAP, a leading business solution provider, created SAP Cloud for Social Engagement, which helps to resolve these challenges. Its features including the automatic creation of service tickets from social media posts; direct access to customer records, background, and interaction history; the ability to respond via the social media channel, email, or phone; and the ability to perform analytics on the data. Here is a demo:

Since such solutions aggregate information from multiple social media platforms, it could help organizations to decrease the effort of managing their social interactions. This aids large teams and individuals executing social media tasks as a small part of their role. These solutions will also allow companies to make the most out of the data they collect in order to improve the customer experience.

The next thing to ask is this: will your organization’s social media strategy produce the  ROI necessary to make up for investment in the solution?

¹Gartner. (2015). Three signs your social media strategy is harming your customer experience, and what to do about it. Retrieved from (logon required)
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1 Response to Linking social media interactions to your customer data

  1. sydhavely says:

    Geoff– You’ve put your finger on where CRM is going and how cloud and information management companies are addressing this need. Nice kudo for SAP as well.

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